Privacy Policy

Wagtails Privacy Policy (GDPR compliance)

This notice explains how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information.

In order to hire Wagtails for your holiday we require personal information to understand who is going to occupy the accommodation.

What information do we require and why?

When you approach us to hire Wagtails we collect your name, address and contact information such as telephone numbers and email address plus the names of all persons staying at the property.  This information is required for us to contact you with details of payments and answer any questions you may have about the accommodation.
We do not request or hold any banking details, all payments are made by bank transfer or by cheque.
Although we do not request a date of birth, we require confirmation that you are over 18 years old.  We require this as when you hire Wagtails you enter into a legal contract for which the minimum age in the UK is 18.

How long will we keep the information?

We retain the information you supply for your booking, including your personal information, in order to complete our tax returns and will retain this information for 7 years in order to comply with HMRC regulations

Who will have access to my data?

We will treat your data with care and respect.  We will never pass your personal information to another organisation without your agreement other than as noted above in relation to tax returns.

How will we keep your information safe?

Information is held on our computers and back-ups.  We hold all electronic data in password protected accounting and on-line banking systems.  Hard copy information is stored in a secure location.

Data entered into the booking form on our web site is not saved on the web server.

If you have any questions regarding your information held by us please email me at:

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